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User Roles in ContractRoom#

ContractRoom has unique identifiers for every type of user in the platform and the roles they perform.

ContractRoom allows you to take user roles depending on the negotiation status of an Agreement. Either the platform or the person creating the Agreement can assign these roles to the users collaborating in the negotiation of the Agreement. In a given moment, the roles change depending on the status of the Agreement.

These are the different roles a user can take along the negotiation process:

  • Contract Originator: The Contract Originator is the person responsible for creating the Agreement, and it defines the first and second parties of the negotiation process. The system self-assigns the Contract Originator as the Controller of the first party of the negotiation.


    There can only be one Contract Originator per contract. The owner of the account automatically takes this role after creating an Agreement.

  • Controller: The Controller can manage team members in the Agreements, permissions, and roles. It is also in charge of the communication with the counterparty and they can reassign their role to someone else during the negotiation process from the Contract Editor.

    You take the role of Controller of an Agreement right when you start drafting a Document. You can also take this role when you have actions pending on your side, access the platform, and accept the Controller role when the system displays the message "You have been assigned as the Controller for this collaboration." during the negotiation process.


    Every Negotiator can take the role of Controller throughout the negotiation process, depending on the actions assigned.

  • Negotiator: The Negotiators are responsible for reviewing, approving, or rejecting negotiation terms and conditions. Only when a Controller assigns a Negotiator of the Agreement as Controller, it can make use of the Collaboration Settings to create negotiation teams for contracting purposes.

  • Acceptor: The Acceptor is the person responsible for reviewing and accepting the Agreement. They cannot negotiate any parts of the Agreement, but they can make comments on the Agreement.

  • Approver: The Approvers authorize or reject terms in the Agreements negotiated in the platform. Approvers grant their consent on the Agreement so the contracting process can complete. Platform Admins set Approvers based on rules at framework-level. They do not collaborate in real-time in the Agreement, and they participate after the Controller sends the Agreement to negotiate.

  • Viewer: Viewers are not directly involved in the negotiation process, but they can view previously assigned sections of the Agreement. Viewers can also comment on the Agreement for their team. You can manage Viewers in the Collaboration Settings panel in the Contract Editor.

  • Signer: The Signers execute Agreements when both parties have agreed with the terms and conditions on the Document. The Contract Originator can set Signers when both parties have agreed on an Agreement.