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Types of Users#

The primary users of ContractRoom are Users and Admins. These following roles define permissions for content creation, platform settings, feature activations, among other tasks.

The ContractRoom primary users are:

  • Users: The platform allows the Users to draft, negotiate, manage, assign, approve, and sign Agreements for their organization. Users can create new sections to keep track of changes through the negotiation process, create tags for Agreement terms, collaborate with other people, and reassign Agreements. Users can also make use of the reporting tools and assign future tasks for pending items.
  • Platform Admins: Platform Administrators have access to the same features as the Users, but can also create pre-defined templates for Documents, named frameworks, using the Framework Builder.
    Frameworks are templates for the Agreements. Admins can configure them for rule-based automated Document assembly. Admins can also configure workflows for the frameworks. These workflows determine the behavior of future Agreements. Admins are also in charge of creating and activating new Users.

Users and Platform Admins can be part of a Team. Teams allow Platform Admins to easily manage permissions and configurations of the Users.