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ContractRoom Concepts Guide#

ContracRoom Agree More

ContractRoom is a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform that allows you to negotiate, manage, and automate the process of creating Agreements as well as provide real-time feedback in the contracting process.

The platform ensures compliance with an end-to-end automated process, complete content digitization, and dynamic rules-based routing among all parties-managed via a single, centralized platform.

In turn, ContractRoom solves many negotiation and contracting issues by streamlining every step of the process and providing deep insight (via vast content, transaction and behavioral data capture) post-contract for better reporting and obligation management.

The following sections guide you through the process of creating Agreements, assigning counterparties, negotiating terms as a counterparty, and accepting and signing Agreements in the platform.

You can learn more about how to use ContractRoom and the features in ContractRoom in the ContractRoom Users Guide.