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Release Notes v3.7.1#

May 2019

About This Release#

This release has new features and changes that extend the usability of the platform adding new download options, improving the negotiation flow, and speeding up the negotiation process.

New Features#

  • Users can now download ongoing Agreements as Microsoft Word documents with change tracking enabled
  • Users can now download a completed (closed, signed, or accepted) Agreement as a PDF file, as a DOCX file, or as both, if the framework allows it
  • Admins can enable the option to download completed Documents as both PDF and DOCX files


  • Enhanced language for our notification emails
  • The platform now displays only the available download and edit options for each framework
  • The process to send an Agreement to negotiation to a counterparty is now faster
  • Users can now use any language besides English as the default language in their browser


  • Fixed the Comments section in the editor showing content other than comments
  • Multiple bug fixes