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Release Notes v3.6.0#

March 2019

About This Release#

This release has new features and changes that improve the usability of the platform, ease migration, support more business cases, and improve the performance of the platform.

New Features#

  • A new model for conditional drafting now supports adding the matching ID, used in the Conditional Drafting API and for reporting purposes
  • The interactive API gateway can now be used to answer drafting questions


  • ContractRoom can now hide Agreements from users using a script and an XLS file with the Agreement IDs to hide
  • Legacy Data import script now supports parent-child relationships and multiple attachments
  • Redlines generated in the ContractRoom editor are now propagated to Microsoft Word when downloading
  • Changes to the UI language to improve the usability of the platform
  • Invisible tags can now trigger Approvers when creating rules


  • Multiple bug fixes