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Release Notes v3.34.0#

March 2021

About This Release#

This release introduces performance enhancements to the Negotiation Process, enhancements to the email notifications and fixes some bugs to improve the general performance of the platform.


  • Negotiation Process. The general experience sending the agreement to negotiation and taking an approval taks from the tasks queues was greatly improved.
  • Split Section. The split sections feature now supports spliting a section with redlines on it.

  • Email Notifications. The language for our email notifications for the offline negotiation process have been enhanced; the comments made on the plaftorm are now included on the email notifications for the Counterparty.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed the issue where approvers sometimes were not added successfully to the agreement during the negotiation process.
  • Fixed the issue where the pop-up window for adding the counterparty's email was shown in the wrong size.
  • Fixed the issue where viewers sometimes were not able to see the agreement's content with a parent-child relationship.
  • Fixed other multiple small bugs.