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Release Notes v3.21.0#

June 2020

About This Release#

This release includes the official release of our new agreement building assistant "ContractRoom Express" and a set of enhancements that boost the performance of ContractRoom and improves the usability of the platform. The release introduces changes to accelerate the External Electronic Signature process, improves the Table of Contents for offline documents, and fixes some bugs.

New Features#

  • ContractRoom Express. We released the new ContractRoom Express feature, our new Agreement Building Assistant that helps users to quickly create Agreements, submit Agreement Requests, and upload legacy Documents to the platform to create Records, without accessing to ContractRoom. This new feature also comes with the ability to find existing Documents in the platform with a Document search tool, and the option to recover Documents when the user leaves them unfinished.

    To learn how to use ContractRoom Express, refer to the ContractRoom Express User Guide.


    For more information on how to activate this feature, please reach out to your ContractRoom Account Manager.


  • External Electronic Signature. We removed the requirement for the counterparty to accept Documents in ContractRoom when signing with External Electronic Signature to accelerate the execution process.
  • Table of Contents. We improved the Table of Contents feature so that users can navigate to the section they click when working offline.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed the issue where the style of some fonts in the Table of Contents was changed after the users worked offline in their Documents using Microsoft Word.

  • Fixed the issue when the users modified Agreement Requests that were under the Approval process, and the Approvers were not notified.