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Release Notes v3.20.0#

May 2020

About This Release#

This release introduces some improvements in ContractRoom that focus on the general performance and usability of the platform. This release introduces major changes to the ContractRoom Knowledge Center, includes a link to this site within ContractRoom, implements a new feature that allows users to add Tables of Content to their documents, and fixes some bugs.

New Features#

  • Table of Contents. This new feature allows the users to add a Table of Contents for easier navigation in their Documents when working offline.


  • Help Center. We changed the Help Center link in ContractRoom to the ContractRoom Knowledge Center. This site contains all the documentation for users and includes guides that help them accomplish every task available in the platform, and allows them to take advantage of all the features that ContractRoom has to offer.
  • ContractRoom Knowledge Center. We migrated the articles, documents, and videos that were previously available in our ContractRoom Support Site to the ContractRoom Knowledge Center. We changed the general structure of the site for easier navigation and made improvements in the information structure. We also added a new Submit a Support Request button that redirects users to the submission form for contacting support.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed the issue when the Approvers in a Document were sometimes not able to attach files, and were not able to approve, reject, or negotiate terms.
  • Fixed the issue when the users uploaded their Documents back to ContractRoom after negotiating offline and the platform was not displaying the indentation of the Document properly.