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Release Notes v3.17.0#

April 2020

About This Release#

This release introduces a new set of features to ContractRoom that improves the performance and usability of the platform. Implements a new Headers and Footers functionality, adds a search bar tool in the Framework Builder, and implements an Auto-Assignment feature to one-member Queues. It also implements a new Queues Notification Settings Module for Admin Users, fixes some bugs, and makes general improvements.

New Features#

  • Headers and Footers. This new feature allows users to set Headers and Footers for Cover Pages and the Body of the Framework, improving the previous functionality that helped users to set these elements to the entire Framework.
  • Queues Notification Settings. This new feature allows Admin Users to customize the notifications the system sends to users and adapt them to their preference.


  • Added a Search Bar to the Framework Builder. This improvement helps users to find Frameworks more easily by performing a manual search.
  • Implemented an Auto-Assignment functionality for one-member Queues. This upgrade assigns automatically a task to the only existing member of a Queue.
  • Improved the general content of the email messages and notifications that ContractRoom sends to the users.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed the issue when the parent-child relationship in Agreement Requests was lost when the Recipient of the Request created a Child Agreement for the original Request.
  • Fixed the issue when the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality was not working as expected.
  • Fixed the issue when the Footer of an Agreement was showing special characters when downloading a PDF document.
  • Fixed the issues when some sections disappeared when changing the order on the left panel of the Contract Editor.
  • Fixed other multiple small bugs.