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Release Notes v3.13.0#

January 2020

About This Release#

This release adds Manual Completion, a new feature that allows users to complete the Agreement creation process and negotiation manually, regardless of the status of the Agreement and without requiring any input from a counterparty. This helps the users track the progress of the Agreements that are completed outside ContractRoom, as well as creating new opportunities and extend the usability of the platform.

New Features#

  • Included a new option and workflow for Manual Completion, only available to the team originating an Agreement. The team's Controller must enter termination details and can upload a PDF file before closing the Agreement.


    The Manual Completion option must be configured beforehand in the Framework. Users must enter the termination details before finishing the manual closing and can upload a PDF file as evidence. The uploaded PDF file replaces the current Document.

  • Manual Closing event added to the Activity Feed, it shows when a team completes an Agreement using Manual Completion.

  • Users can now create reports and search for Agreements using the new Closing Category field. This allows you to filter Documents depending on their completion method.


  • General upgrades to the workflow and navigation during the contracting process.