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Release Notes v3.12.0#

January 2020

About This Release#

This release has a new feature and changes that extend the usability of the platform, extend the identification of similar Documents, improve the negotiation flow, and fix bugs.

New Features#

  • Users can use queues to assign approvers. This feature allows assigning teams to approve changes, instead of assigning specific users.
  • Teams can use the queues feature to prioritize, distribute, and assign the approval of Agreements
  • The platform adds a duplicate handling feature when using a direct link. This feature prevents users from creating duplicate Documents.


  • When users upload PDF files, the platform now performs a full validation of the file.
  • Updated the contracting workflow. Users must finish editing a section before sending the Agreement to a counterparty.


  • Users with the necessary permissions could not download reports that used special characters in their filters.
  • Using Number or Date tags to filter their Agreement list was not showing all the results.
  • An "Access Denied" message was appearing when opening some Agreements.
  • Users had issues uploading files to the platform.