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Release Notes v3.11.0#

November 2019

About This Release#

This release has new features and changes that extend the usability of the platform with new integrations, improve the identification of similar Documents, improve the negotiation flow, and speed up the negotiation process.

New Features#

  • New integration with the BriefBox platform.
  • New integration with the Adobe Sign service. This integration allows you to execute your Documents using Adobe Sign and keep your signed Documents in ContractRoom.
  • Duplicate handling. When creating a Document in ContractRoom, the system validates and informs you if it finds one or more similar Documents in the platform.
  • Integration with Natural Language Processing (NLP) Platforms. This allows users to employ NLP technology when creating third-party papers.


  • Improved the security of the platform when processing Microsoft Word files.


  • The option to download PDF files in the Document editor is now working as expected.