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ContractRoom Knowledge Center#

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Welcome to ContractRoom, the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform that allows you to negotiate, manage, and automate the process of creating Agreements, and provides real-time feedback throughout the contracting process.

ContractRoom can automate the process end to end, ensures complete content digitization, and provide dynamic, rule-based routing among all parties in an Agreement, managed via a single, centralized platform.

The platform helps you solve many negotiation and contracting issues by streamlining every step of the process and providing deep post-contract insight for better reporting.

What is ContractRoom?#

To learn more about ContractRoom, check the ContractRoom Concepts Guide. This guide explains the general concepts of ContractRoom as well as various capabilities of the platform, including an overview of the features of the platform.

The following video gives a quick demonstration (4 mins) on how to access ContractRoom and shows some of the core features of the platform:

How to Get Started#

To get started with a hands-on experience, advance to the Getting Started Guide. This is an excellent way to guide you through your first experience with ContractRoom.

How to Use ContractRoom#

To learn more about how to perform specific tasks in ContractRoom, check out our ContractRoom User Guide. This document can guide you through the specific tasks a User can perform within the platform.

How to Search in the Knowledge Center#

To easily search for information in the Knowledge Center, click in the Search Box in the upper right part of the page (or press Shift+S) and start typing. As you type, different options will appear. Select the one you want to see.

How to Get Additional Support#

If you have additional questions or require specific support, contact our support team at